Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I think Yesterday was an anomaly

Down to 266.5 today. I know you shouldn't weigh everyday, but I feel better knowing it's down. What did I do differently? I cooked dinner, grilled steak, baked potato, and peas. So, there's portion control and a bit healthier. I didn't snack at work and no alcohol at dinner and no dessert (I don't usually do dessert, so that's not really a big sacrifice).

Today, I had a smaller breakfast (I finished B's english muffin and banana with my cereal yesterday). I ate my frozen lunch instead of a huge sandwich and chips. I did have some poptarts instead of fruit, though (I couldn't help it they were just sitting on the counter in the kitchen and I want more). I'm not sure about dinner tonight. We didn't plan anything. I think I might pick up some Boca chicken patties and have them. B would probably like them, too.

So tomorrow, even less sugar and more cooking (I'm making a quick and easy chicken soup).

I do, most definitely, need to find some exercise time.

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