Sunday, May 20, 2007

20 days later

well it's twenty days later and no one has posted, so I take it this one is a flop too. I'm not up to posting, don't really like computers that much, since I'm on one most of the day at work, and what do people actually do on these. I find it boring. Heh i'm a tv person and guess I will always be one..
bye sistas..

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I think Yesterday was an anomaly

Down to 266.5 today. I know you shouldn't weigh everyday, but I feel better knowing it's down. What did I do differently? I cooked dinner, grilled steak, baked potato, and peas. So, there's portion control and a bit healthier. I didn't snack at work and no alcohol at dinner and no dessert (I don't usually do dessert, so that's not really a big sacrifice).

Today, I had a smaller breakfast (I finished B's english muffin and banana with my cereal yesterday). I ate my frozen lunch instead of a huge sandwich and chips. I did have some poptarts instead of fruit, though (I couldn't help it they were just sitting on the counter in the kitchen and I want more). I'm not sure about dinner tonight. We didn't plan anything. I think I might pick up some Boca chicken patties and have them. B would probably like them, too.

So tomorrow, even less sugar and more cooking (I'm making a quick and easy chicken soup).

I do, most definitely, need to find some exercise time.